Group Family Takaful Plan (Group Life)

Family Takaful protects you and your loved ones financially from any unexpected events in life. The need for quality Family Takaful increases as life progresses, and only a flexible product that fits into your budget and income pattern offers the right protection in times of need. Takaful Oman offers the best products to suit your protection.

Group Family Takaful Plan
A type of Takaful coverage offered to all employees of an organization. This coverage provides benefits to the beneficiaries in case of any uncertain event (death or disability) occurring to an employee during the defined cover period. Group Family Takaful is generally economical compared to individual policy coverage. For this reason, Group Family Takaful is often a key component in employee benefit packages.

  • Coverage in the unfortunate case of death or disability of employee(s)
  • Annually renewable plan for employers
  • Reviewed and approved by the Shari’a Board
  • Competitive amount of Free Cover Limit (without medical) may be extended
  • Paperless processing Seamless policy issuance process
  • Takaful sum cover paid to legal beneficiary